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AIRBIA: A Suburban Airship

Claire Sullivan - Monday, August 17, 2009




Designed in response to the on going issues of public transportation between outer suburbs of major cities in the US, The Airbia is inspired by  zeppelin technologies, engaging the idea using helium to hover, a proven sustainable and economical approach to energy consumption.

The proposed airship has a capacity to carry 400 people and travel at an average of 150 km/h speed on a hight between 30 – 500 meters. Instead of having a major airship station, Airbia proposes a more dispersed network of station-platforms, that consist of staircases, lifts and ticket spaces. This way the system becomes much more flexible, since these drop off – pick up platforms can be placed almost anywhere in the city.

With lack of on ground infrastructure one of the biggest issues facing cities, and the obvious financial costs related to creating railway lines and underground tunnels, the Airbia offers up a unique alternative consideration for the planners of future cities. 

Theft Proof Bike

Claire Sullivan - Saturday, August 15, 2009


The bike of the future has been unveiled in the UK by Olympic Cyclist Chris Boardman. The new bike includes computer systems that offer finger print recognition, meaning only the owner can unlock the bike.  A mini screen on the handlebars also monitors your progress along your journey, including the ever important calorie burning statistics. In addition the bike features spokeless wheels, making it more aerodynamic while the tiles will be puncture proof. You may have to wait sometime however to ever get to ride this puppy, it's been launched as a cyclists dream concept only, with no immediate plans for development. Typical.

The Classic Design of the Panama Hat

Claire Sullivan - Wednesday, August 12, 2009





Montecristi Panamas are the world's greatest Panama Hats. Made from extremely fine toquilla straw and woven only in Ecuador,  a handful of master weavers produce the best of the best, which sell for tens of thousands of dollars apiece.  Their latest creation (pictured second from the top) took a full five months to complete. After completing the weaving, five other artisans spent several more weeks preparing and finishing the hat. The resulting item called simply - The Hat, is light as a feather, and like all good Panama Hats can be folded without ever destroying it's original shape.

All this for a mere $100,000 USD.

Leica's New $34,000 S2 Digital SLR Camera

Claire Sullivan - Wednesday, August 12, 2009


For the cost-is-no-object photography crowd, Leica is the be all and end all. Now they've delved into the professional field of digital Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras with its new S-System. Packed inside a body smaller than most SLRs is a 37.5 million pixel sensor that measures 30x45mm – more than 50% bigger than the industry standard. The camera body alone costs a whopping $34,000 NZD – and as any serious photographer will tell you, that doesn't even include a lens. Those start at around seven grand, while the cheapest accessory in the catalog is the $600 charger. But it is a Leica afterall!

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