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Design: The Week in Review 15/01/2013

Sophie Burton - Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a. Seeing double: What China's copycat culture means for architecture. [The Guardian]

b. No Noise de-branded design at Selfridges. [Dezeen]

c. World's first 3D printing photo booth to open in Japan. [Designer Daily]

d. Iceberg suite 315: hotel room carved from ice by Wouter Biegelaar. [Design Boom]

e. Impossible Architecture by Filip Dujardin. [Design Boom]

Parhelia by Asif Khan for Swarovski Crystal Palace

Sophie Burton - Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Swarovski Crystal Palace commissioned architect Asif Khan to create a large-scale work especially for this year's Design Miami. The result? An optical phenomenon that draws on Khan's interest in ice formations, and their ability to create halos of light. Khan worked within the iconic house shape to construct the work. Walls were made out of a honeycomb structure that contained more than 1.3 million crystals, producing large circles of light that mesmerised visitors to the all-white exhibition hall, making the installation a notable highlight at Design Miami. 

The Metamorfosi by Martino Gamper

Sophie Burton - Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Martino Gamper likes to play with process. Having famously hacked apart and rebuilt some of Gio Ponti's iconic furniture, Gamper's latest deconstruction project 'The Metamorfosi', takes his passion one step further, as he reworks existing Moroso pieces in celebration of the manufacturing company's 60th birthday milestone. Gamper was let loose in Moroso's Udine factory in Italy last summer, having been given full creative license to destroy and then recreate pieces like Ron Arad's curving Victoria & Albert couch and Toshiyuki Kita's red foam landscape, Saruyama.

Moroso specialises in foam-form couches and chairs, the mod designs usually created by molding large chunks of foam over a steel framework, before covering in fitted fabric covers. Gamper stripped away the textiles, restitching the scraps from one chair into scraps from a couch to create wild, abstract patchworks; the result of dozens of Moroso pieces, from an array of designers. He even went so far as to subvert the foam works to create new foam forms, exhibiting several of them bare and exposed, without their fabric.

Moroso had this to say about Gamper's work: "Uncovered they look organic, like bleached bones strewn across a landscape. The pieces created by different designers from different periods morph together as if from the same animal."

This approach to high-end furniture design is unusual, as usually owning a piece of furniture by a well-known designer is major selling point for companies like Moroso, however this collection makes it impossible to judge the value of each piece by the name of its creator.

Via Co Design Daily

Sen Series by Shinn Asano

Anna Coe - Monday, January 07, 2013

On display at Tokyo Design Fair 2012 was former graphic designer Shinn Asano's Sen series. His collection of steel furniture blurs dimensions, turning 2D lines into 3D forms; a suitably graphic treatment which indicates his progression from graphics into the realm of tactile furniture. Intriguing and slightly hypnotic, we're hoping to see more of this designer's work in the near future.

House on the Cliff by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Anna Coe - Friday, January 04, 2013

Situated in Alicante, Spain, this incredible cliff top residence by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos makes quite the statement, stretching out towards the Balearic sea. The severe, steep clifftop site location wasn't an easy one to work with, thus the architects designed the structure as a single monolithic volume that is nestled against the rockface whilst also projecting out towards the ocean. Living areas and bedrooms take up the upper level of the dwelling, boasting panoramic vistas out over the sea, while an infinity pool surrounded by stucco white walls enhances the clean, white aesthetic. Fran Silvestre Arquitectos have certainly managed to realise a sculpture-like residence that works with the jagged contours of the landscape.

Liquid Glacial Tables by Zaha Hadid

Anna Coe - Thursday, January 03, 2013

Renowned architect Zaha Hadid has been experimenting with furniture for several years now, her work receiving rave reviews, and these Liquid Glacial tables are no exception. Although the tables appear to be rippled and uneven, they are completely smooth to the touch. Hand crafted in Italy from a new-fangled acrylic resin, they resemble over-sized blocks of melting ice, the legs of the table as melting tunnels of water. "This idea of glaciers and ice is something we've been exploring for awhile" says Hadid, who has experimented with this idea in earlier pieces, such as the Z-chair for Sawaya & Moroni. Prices for the Liquid Glacial tables start at a cool 100,000 pounds.

Solitaire.exe by Evan Roth

Anna Coe - Wednesday, January 02, 2013

There are unlikely to be many people who are not familiar with the above imagery from Windows 98 Solitaire. The heavily pixelated graphics and bright colours definitely bring about a sense of nostalgia. Designer Evan Roth has played on our obsession with retro graphics and created a limited edition run of a faithfully replicated deck of cards, signed and numbered by the artist. Roth has received many awards as a designer and the MOMA houses some of his work in their permanent collection, so it's no surprise the all of the decks sold out almost immediately.

Transformations for Fendi by Maarten de Ceulaer

Anna Coe - Tuesday, January 01, 2013

During Design Miami this year, luxury Italian brand Fendi and Maarten de Ceulaer unveiled their collaboration titled 'Transformations'. Taking cues from Fendi's fondness for patterns, in particular their 'Pequin' pattern, de Ceulaer created leather 'planks', attaching them to tree stumps and flat wood boards. As a deliberate juxtaposition between soft and hard materials, the soft planks can be moved and placed onto any object to create a comfortable space.

The Frank Lamp by Pana Objects

Anna Coe - Friday, December 28, 2012

Taking blatant inspiration from a playful little puppy, the Frank Lamp by Pana Objects is an adorable little table lamp. Frank's legs can be easily maneuvered to create your desired light angle or to position him into a cute puppy-like pose. 

Bent Wood tables by Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong

Anna Coe - Thursday, December 27, 2012

Known for their colourful wood grain patterns, Sebastian Wrong and Richard Woods recently launched a new product - Bent Wood tables - at Design Miami. Exploring the idea of curved and warped elements using a traditional Indian warping technique, the designers soaked long planks of wood, so that they could then bend them into their desired curve or shape, before stacked the finished products haphazardly on top of each other. The tables are available in four different colour combinations.