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Onda Bench by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti for UpGroup

Anna Coe - Friday, August 02, 2013

The Onda bench by Italian designers Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti was conceptualised from the duo's desire to create a marble piece of furniture with minimal waste/off cuts from the original block. The four parts of the bench are actually exactly the same; cut in a sequence, and then rotated on top of each other. 

(No)where (Now)here: Gaze-activated dresses by Ying Gao

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Artist Yin Gao's recent project (No)where (No)here consists of two gaze-activated dresses, with silky, organza fabrics taking on the appearance of glowing jellyfish, complete with swirls of phosphorescence threads that seem to float against the commands of gravity. As your gaze passes over them, eye-tracking sensors set the fibers in motion, and when you look away, they stop. The effect is wonderfully poetic and organic, inviting comments and debate into why we choose to dress the way we do and our attention-seeking tendencies. The pieces are due to be exhibited at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art in November and serve as a stunning example of how today's artists are continually looking to push the boundaries of contemporary art, interactive technology and fashion. 

Watch the video below to see the dresses in motion: 

(no)where(now)here : 2 gaze-activated dresses by ying gao from ying gao on Vimeo.

Park Chair by Julien Renault

Anna Coe - Monday, July 29, 2013

As the name would suggest, Julien Renault's Park chair was inspired by the traditional wooden park bench. Renault notes that the "public bench is a quotidian object that is almost invisible", yet it is so predominant in the urban landscape. He wanted to translate this idea to a similar object that people would instantly recognise and be attracted to due to it's familiarity.

New: Design Folio magazine

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The eagerly anticipated 5th birthday issue of Design Folio is hot off the press! Seeing as every five year old deserves something special, we’ve given Design Folio a re-design including altering the orientation. The new full scale portrait magazine includes the addition of a bumper 100-page project section, which pays homage to inspiring local and international interiors. 

Overflowing with new and innovative design ideas, Design Folio continues to serve as a comprehensive resource that aims to inspire and help make design ideas tangible. Whether you’re keen to update your home or office, or simply have a strong interest in design and architecture, the latest edition of Design Folio magazine is likely to become a coffee table mainstay. Get your copy from any reputable newsstand across the country or alternatively, purchase your copy here.

Design: The Week in Review 23/07/2013

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Tuesday, July 23, 2013

a. Mirror City Timelapse by Michael Shainblum. [The Coolist]

b. Giant oil spill covers the floors of a Swiss abbey. [My Modern Met]

c. Modern beach library by Matali Crasset in Istres, France. [Designboom]

d. A gorgeous paper city emerges from the ground in this lovely animation. [Design Taxi]

e. Enthralling installation composed of 200 suspended fluorescent tubes. [Wave Avenue]

Lucite sculptures by Phillip Low

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Monday, July 22, 2013

It's hard to look away from artist Phillip Low's work, who crafts geometric sculptures from high-grade acrylic in order to create a prism-like effect. Natural light is caught inside, creating an intriguing glow that changes depending on the space the sculpture sits within. An admirable extension of the artist's previous work, continuing his exploration into dimension and colour. 

Caspian Grande and Mali pendant lights by Tech Lighting

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Monday, July 22, 2013

Handblown by Italian artisans, the Caspian Grande and Mali pendant lights were designed by Tech Lighting, and feature a large, widely flared shade of transparent glass. Designed for use individually or alternatively, clustered together as a installation, the lustrous pieces are sure to make a grand statement in any living area. 

Via Contemporist

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel by Marcel Wanders

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quirky Dutch designer Marcel Wander's most recent creative project is the design of Andas Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel, a sophisticated space located in the very centre of Amsterdam, between two major canals - the Prinsengracht and the Keizersgracht. Wanders wished for his design to fuse elements of the city's heritage, alongside imagery from historic books. One of the hotel's standout features resides in the lobby: an installation that was modelled on a constellation of stars and planets. Positioned below a large skylight, the suspended objects are designed to remind guests of old astronomy models. Huge bells hang above the feature piece, with glittery chandeliers encased inside. 

The hotel boasts an exemplary restaurant, bar and library, all of which are grouped together on the ground floor of the hotel, continuing the historic-yet-modern theme, with an emphasis on the Dutch Golden Age, Delft ceramics and of course, several of Wanders' own designs, including the Big Ben clock, the Monster chair, and the Skygarden suspension lights. 

Brass Shelves by Samuel Treindl

Anna Coe - Monday, July 15, 2013

Samuel Treindl's design ethos is to take finished pieces of furniture and slightly alter or destruct them to create additional pieces - a project he has aptly titled 'parasite strategy'. Beginning his quest by taking Ikea's famed PS cabinet and creating a matching lamp, he has now moved on to starting out with a shelving unit of his own design. The by-products of the 'Brass Shelves' are varying hooks and hinges, and clocks.

Design: The Week in Review 09/07/2013

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Tuesday, July 09, 2013

a. Stunning timelapse of San Francisco fog clouds. [Where Cool Things Happen]

b. Life-sized doll house and garden by Knock. [Designboom]

c. Nike launches a new app to help designers choose green materials. [Fast Co Design]

d. Wavegarden 2.0 by José Manuel Odriozola. [Gessato]

e. Giant chrome T-Rex installed on the Seine River in Paris by Philippe Pasqua. [This Is Colossal]