christopher gower 291246 unsplash - AboutMy name is Noah Mills and I established this blog because of my interest in and love for web design. Design Folio was born five years ago. The demand for web design and web development motivated me to create this blog as a platform where different users can engage and connect with me. I believe that the industry will experience rapid growth in the coming years.

As an experienced web designer and developer, I am always  gathering all the latest news and trends in the industry. I endeavor to share the latest updates with my online community on a regular basis. You will be happy to know that Design Folio is an online platform where industry professionals can share their ideas and opinions. You can contact us today if you have any questions or would like to provide some feedback.

My Mission

The blog is dedicated to be a go-to source for professionals wanting to learn more about the industry. My mission is to create a space where designers and developers can communicate, connect and share their own design experiences.

My Vision

Design Folio wants to see the future of web designing and web development to be on a new level. I envisioned that we become a source of education and inspiration for web designing and development professionals from around the globe.