Branding 101: The Ultimate Guide on Creating an Amazing Brand Identity

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When you’re starting a small company, coming up with a name and brand identity is the very first step to take. A brand identity states who and what your brand is, including the visual presentation thereof. Think of your brand identity as the spokesperson of your business.

Branding defines and describes your company. It gives your company an identity and story your potential clients can recognize and relate to. It’s not just a logo, it also includes your company’s vision, mission, core values and target audience all in one package. All this information is documented in a brand style guide.

Here is a guide on how to create a brand identity.

Be Inspired

You’ll need some inspiration on what you like before getting started. Do some research on competitors and other brands you relate to. Create a folder to use as reference when the designing stage kicks off. Pay attention to logos, typography and colors. Save all your ideas to be used at a later stage.

Now you can start crafting your brand identity!

Mission, Vision, Core Values and Target Market

This is an introduction to what your company is all about, what you wish to achieve and what you believe in. These statements should be concise, honest, unique and promising. It is where your commitment to your target audience is noted. Once you have these elements, you can start crafting your brand’s tagline. The tagline is a short and catchy phrase that is appealing to the audience.


Your logo is a visual representation of your company. It is a symbol that depicts what your company is about. Your logo makes a first impression that can prompt your audience to interact with your brand. Remember the following key points when designing your logo;

  1. Size and proper proportions
  2. White space
  3. Color variations

Color Palette

Your brand kit must include swatches of your brand colors. It is a brand’s core colors or color identifiers. This also provides directions on the appropriate use of colors and combinations.


Fonts contribute to your brand’s identity. Your brand requires one font family to be used in your brand. This ensures consistency in all your communications.


The imagery in your brand style guide shows photos, graphics, patterns, and imagery related to your brand.


This the writing style of your brand. The outline of your brand voice needs to create a message that will make an impression on your audience. Remember to create a voice that is in line with all aspects of your brand.

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