How to protect your WordPress Website from getting hacked

Protect WP from getting hacked

About 25% of websites worldwide use WordPress as the foundation for their website. Thus WordPress is the market leading CMS and in Germany, there are plenty of companies, calling themselves “WordPress agencies“, who specialize in WP maintenance and hacking protection.

Anyone planning to hack sites on a large scale will choose WordPress sites as victims.

The topic security will probably never come to a halt with WordPress. The reason for this is that almost every website works with various plugins. Each plugin represents an additional danger because – depending on the WordPress programmer – various security deficits can arise. The WordPress Core – the heart of WordPress – receives regular updates several times a year.

Theoretically, all plugins of a WordPress installation must be checked for security when a new WordPress update is released.

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Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes in Web Design

2 Designer Mistakes featured - Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes in Web Design

Let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes. This can also happen in web design. These problems hinder a web designer’s goals and might cause a major break down to his work.

When a web designer plans to create an appealing and unique website, he makes a checklist of what the website will look like, including all design elements. Unfortunately, there are unexpected circumstances that occur while they are in the process of designing and building it. This puts a web designer’s critical thinking skills to the test.

There are a lot of scenarios that can take place, and a web designer can’t predict that it may occur. To put some initial precautionary measures in place, let’s look at some previous problems that some web designers have experienced.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Professional Web Design is Important

rawpixel 790897 unsplash - Top 3 Reasons Why Professional Web Design is Important

Businesses have evolved and has a new platform where they engage with a new caliber of audience. It utilizes the internet as a business platform.

Digital marketers leverage business websites to gain impact and grow their clients’ business. The main focus of these business websites is to tap into an online audience. But why do you need to make use of professional web design and development services?

In this post we take a look at three important reasons why you should trust professionals to create a web presence that reaches your potential clients easily. Your business’ website will be relevant, function well and attract more site visitors.

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4 Important Reasons for Having a Kick-Ass Brand Kit

mobile phone 1087845 1920 - 4 Important Reasons for Having a Kick-Ass Brand Kit

Your brand needs an image that will distinguish your business from competitors. That’s why having a strong brand identity is important. Not only does it make an impression and sets you apart from competitors, it also builds the brand’s reputation.

The brand is a visual representation of your company or your business. Your brand is not just the logo itself, it speaks for your business and communicates to your customers.

A well-designed brand helps you to be remembered by your customers. It’s an innovative way of communicating with your audience.

Here are some benefits of a well-designed brand identity:

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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Web Design as a Career

success 2697951 1920 - 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Web Design as a Career

Websites are now occupying cyberspace and it is a growing trend in different kinds of industries. In this digital age, every website requires a unique and distinctive identity that will match a specific industry.

The field of web design is also an art in its own way. Every website consists of different well-designed web pages that aims to draw attention of page visitors. Becoming a web designer in this digital era is a great career to choose.

If you’re considering pursuing a career in this field of work and you’re dreaming to design different websites, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to discuss why web designing is a good career to pursue.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Expert Web Designer

rawpixel 660716 unsplash - 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Expert Web Designer

Companies and individuals engage on the internet to compete and introduce their businesses. We know that when it comes to insurance we want to have a good website and it’s one of our topmost priorities. But some business owners are trying to build their own websites and save money.

When your business website was created by yourself, there are risks involved. Websites are found and visited by viewers through the use of search engines. These search engines can do wonders for your business if your site is built and designed professionally.

If you’re about to do it on your own you might be ignoring some important criteria used by search engines. That’s when a professional web designer comes in handy. Below are some important reasons why you should get a professional web designer for the job.

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4 Skills Every Web Designer Needs

hand 2111445 1920 - 4 Skills Every Web Designer Needs

Web design is a fast-growing industry and is becoming popular due to the increase in demand. From companies, to organizations and individuals, people across different industries need the expertise of web designers. As this trend progress, so does the demand of the expertise of a web designer.

The industry is highly competitive. Web designing and development companies are looking for individuals that possess the skills of an expert web designer. Both freelancing and employed web design jobs pay handsomely.

Are you wondering how to be a professional web designer? Are you craving to know what are the qualifications or skills that are needed for this kind of job? Here is a list of skills that a web designer must possess.

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The Top 5 Web Design Trends To Apply in 2019

company 3277947 1920 - The Top 5 Web Design Trends To Apply in 2019

The new year kicked off with a bang! The new era of digital interface has already started. Websites are beginning to shift from a new form of design once again.

Web designers, business owners, and customers are looking forward to the latest styles and news on web design. Lucky for you, we are about to share the latest trends and ideas on web design.

Here are some of the trends that will rule the web in 2019.

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Web Design vs. Graphic Design – What’s the Difference?

puzzle 1126509 1920 - Web Design vs. Graphic Design - What's the Difference?

When looking at the differences between a web designer and a graphic designer, there are multiple differences to point out. The biggest difference is the medium each use to publish their work.  The roles and responsibilities of each occupation are also very unique.

It is common for those who are not familiar with design to assume that web designers and graphic designers do the same thing. While both use the same skills and abilities, there is a difference between the two distinct professions.

Let’s take a closer look at the key differences between web design and graphic design.

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Branding 101: The Ultimate Guide on Creating an Amazing Brand Identity

mobile phone 1087845 1920 - Branding 101: The Ultimate Guide on Creating an Amazing Brand Identity

When you’re starting a small company, coming up with a name and brand identity is the very first step to take. A brand identity states who and what your brand is, including the visual presentation thereof. Think of your brand identity as the spokesperson of your business.

Branding defines and describes your company. It gives your company an identity and story your potential clients can recognize and relate to. It’s not just a logo, it also includes your company’s vision, mission, core values and target audience all in one package. All this information is documented in a brand style guide.

Here is a guide on how to create a brand identity.

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