3 Reasons Why Colors Are Important in Web Design

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The proper use of color on a website can enhance the user’s experience. Without colors on your website, your website will be lifeless and dull. Each color is a powerful tool that you can use to engage site visitors. You can also use colors to attract attention to specific aspects of the site.

Carefully choosing the right colors is important, and can have big consequences on the success of your site. Using appropriate colors can engage site visitors.

So why are colors important to web design? Let’s try to find out.

It can portray emotion

There are different tones of colors and each color can portray or evoke a specific emotion. These meanings can be handed down from one generation to the next, be cultural or personal. Each colors has a different meaning attached to it and it resembles different feelings or moods. Here are some examples:

  • Red: Power
  • Yellow: Happiness
  • Blue: Peace
  • Green: Nature
  • Pink: Love
  • White: Purity
  • Black: Intensity and Death

Remember that colors can affect us subconsciously. This means that you can use your color pallet to move or evoke a specific emotion in site visitors.

It depicts the product

The colors that you are selecting emphasizes the product or services that you are introducing. They can be linked to a product or service for example;

  • Blue: water
  • Red : Spicy foods
  • White: Toothpaste or Clothing

It engages your audience

If you want your viewers to engage with your content, you can experiment on color combinations. Remember by doing this you need to select the proper color palette.

The Top 3 Benefits of Using Responsive Design

3 Responsive Design featured - The Top 3 Benefits of Using Responsive Design

As technology grows and improves, so does the availability of information. The source of that information is delivered through a medium like the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) has also brought about the use of smart devices. People are using their tablets and smart phones to engage with content on the internet. So, the question is how can a desktop size website fit on a smartphone or tablet screen?

The answer is responsive design. This allows users to view websites on their smart devices. Responsive design is now a trend in web design as the gathering of information increases.

So, let’s discuss the reasons why responsive design is so important right now.


Sometimes you want to visit a website to get information, but you don’t have a desktop or a laptop with you. Can you visit the site with your smartphone? If it is responsive, it will be. Responsive design changes the view of a website and it makes it accessible for mobile phone users.

Improves user experience

Most websites are created to communicate with their target audience. That’s why website owners took all the necessary actions to have that bridge of communication with their target audience. Website owners acquire the expertise of a web designer to help them make their websites user-friendly.

This means they are implementing responsive design. Users will be able to visit their website on their smart devices with the touch of a button, making user experience great.

You can easily apply changes to your website

We know that as a business owner time is so important to you. Dealing with unwanted and sudden problems can be a hassle. You’ll be able to make changes to your website easily if your website is designed responsively.

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Infographic by DCI

Beginner’s Guide: 4 Tips for New Web Designers

4 Web Designer featured - Beginner's Guide: 4 Tips for New Web Designers

Starting something new is a challenging part of learning. When we chart unfamiliar territory, it can be difficult to stay motivated. As a new web designer you have to continue until you succeed. We all know that most skills are learned and developed through constant practice and learning, and never giving up.

In the business world today, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are taking their business online. The demand for web designers are constantly increasing due to this trend.

As a beginner, you are looking for ways to grow more and be successful in this field. Aside from gaining knowledge, some tips can also be helpful. Here are some tips that might help you when you’re still starting out as a web designer.

Make everything simple and clean

You don’t need to crowd your sites with a lot of designs. That will only result in a design disaster. Keeping your web design simple and clean is in line with the minimalist web design trend. Remember that simplicity in style doesn’t fade, and that less is always more.

Proper usage of fonts

Who wants to read text that is in different types of fonts? Being consistent with the proper selection of fonts makes your content readable and pleasant. The usage of a proper typeface is important especially with those readers who are dealing with vision impairment.

Choosing the right colors

Colors bring life to your design. Treating it like an artistic masterpiece is important because you are making your web page appealing to a target audience. Take note that using the proper color combinations will make your web page design appealing and attractive.

Your content should engage visitors

Make sure that every piece of content that you are publishing is relevant. This goes for visual content as well as text content. The key goal of any website is to attract visitors, and keep them engaged.

gjTwCBG - Beginner's Guide: 4 Tips for New Web DesignersYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan

The Top 5 Web Designer Tools You Need in Your Design Arsenal

5 Design Tools featured - The Top 5 Web Designer Tools You Need in Your Design Arsenal

We all know that with the right ingredients you can come up with a mouthwatering dish. Similarly, in web design you can design a beautiful and effective website with the right tools. With the help of these tools, designing a website can be fun and easy.

For most imaginative people web design tools can save time and energy. That’s why they use all the resources they can. Thankfully, today there are many free applications for you to choose from.

Let’s take a look at some of the top-rated design tools you need in your arsenal starting today!


0a5cc5ec42a2b94c36888729175bd808 150x150 - The Top 5 Web Designer Tools You Need in Your Design Arsenal

Avocode is easy to use and helps developers a lot with coding. It also has a Photoshop plugin. We love the fact that it automatically analyses your Sketch file or PSD which aids in creating an attractive user interface.


1 0LPW rMjAE s5WPIiBOoEQ 150x150 - The Top 5 Web Designer Tools You Need in Your Design Arsenal

When you’re having a hard time using Photoshop to edit your pictures, Canva can help with that. Canva was created to help you create and design like a pro and is free.

Adobe Dreamweaver.

10175 600x600 150x150 - The Top 5 Web Designer Tools You Need in Your Design Arsenal

Adobe Dreamweaver is known as the father of web design tools. It lets the user use its user-friendly platform and it also has a code editor. It’s a perfect haven for beginners to work on their own websites.


macaw 150x150 - The Top 5 Web Designer Tools You Need in Your Design Arsenal

Macaw is a tool used by designers who can’t code. They have a feature wherein you can watch and study in real time.

Adobe Photoshop

logo3 150x150 - The Top 5 Web Designer Tools You Need in Your Design Arsenal

Adobe Photoshop is part of Adobe’s suite of programs and one of the most popular graphic editors. Professional photographers and graphic designers use Photoshop on a daily basis. It is ideal for editing, twisting and manipulating images.

We highly recommend all these tools! If you haven’t used any of them it, give it a go and start designing your own beautiful web images today!

4 Reasons Why SEO is Crucial to Web Design

6 SEO Web Design featured - 4 Reasons Why SEO is Crucial to Web Design

When you’re starting your own business you have to think of ways to tap into and reach your potential clients or customers. One of the ways that are effective is having your own website.

The majority of businesses or companies nowadays use websites as a marketing strategy. The importance of having an online presence is significant because this is the space where consumers are active.

How can you introduce your website to your target customers or audience? This is where the importance of SEO (search engine optimization) comes into play. In this post we take a closer look at reasons why your website should have sound SEO practices in place. Let’s get started.

You attract your visitors

When your website offers services to different types of customers engaging them is a necessity. SEO is important in ensuring you target and attract relevant site visitors. Your SEO ranking affects how users find your site.

Having good visuals

When your website has a good SEO rating, it will naturally attract more traffic. Especially when you have created an effective website design with the right keyword placement. Naming images used on your site is important, as is the size and quality. With good SEO practices in place, the ranking of your website will increase and as a consequence your website traffic as well.

Gives you the right attention

Your online reputation depends on the rating of your website. This means when you have good SEO and the ranking of your website is in a good shape your online reputation is great.

It helps you attract your target market

When your website has a good SEO ranking, you’ll attract traffic to your site. This will also ensure that the traffic entering your site is relevant to your company.  SEO can boost your business and get you in front of the right audience. Especially when you’re trying to create revenue.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Website Developer

7 Pros and Cons featured - The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Website Developer

The need to comply with the digital trend of this new era is a must. Especially, when you want to use technology as a way of promoting your business. The majority of consumers nowadays are tech savvy and spend most of their time browsing products and services online.

Websites are one of the mediums that you use if you want to increase your reach and connect with an online audience. Having an online presence is important, and having a website can be an advantage. This is when a professional web designer or web developer can help you.

But is it worth it to spend money on their services? Let’s check out the pros and cons of hiring a web designer.

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Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes in Web Design

2 Designer Mistakes featured - Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes in Web Design

Let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes. This can also happen in web design. These problems hinder a web designer’s goals and might cause a major break down to his work.

When a web designer plans to create an appealing and unique website, he makes a checklist of what the website will look like, including all design elements. Unfortunately, there are unexpected circumstances that occur while they are in the process of designing and building it. This puts a web designer’s critical thinking skills to the test.

There are a lot of scenarios that can take place, and a web designer can’t predict that it may occur. To put some initial precautionary measures in place, let’s look at some previous problems that some web designers have experienced.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Web Design as a Career

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Websites are now occupying cyberspace and it is a growing trend in different kinds of industries. In this digital age, every website requires a unique and distinctive identity that will match a specific industry.

The field of web design is also an art in its own way. Every website consists of different well-designed web pages that aims to draw attention of page visitors. Becoming a web designer in this digital era is a great career to choose.

If you’re considering pursuing a career in this field of work and you’re dreaming to design different websites, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to discuss why web designing is a good career to pursue.

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The Top 5 Web Design Trends To Apply in 2019

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The new year kicked off with a bang! The new era of digital interface has already started. Websites are beginning to shift from a new form of design once again.

Web designers, business owners, and customers are looking forward to the latest styles and news on web design. Lucky for you, we are about to share the latest trends and ideas on web design.

Here are some of the trends that will rule the web in 2019.

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Web Design vs. Graphic Design – What’s the Difference?

puzzle 1126509 1920 - Web Design vs. Graphic Design - What's the Difference?

When looking at the differences between a web designer and a graphic designer, there are multiple differences to point out. The biggest difference is the medium each use to publish their work.  The roles and responsibilities of each occupation are also very unique.

It is common for those who are not familiar with design to assume that web designers and graphic designers do the same thing. While both use the same skills and abilities, there is a difference between the two distinct professions.

Let’s take a closer look at the key differences between web design and graphic design.

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