Write for Us

cathryn lavery 67852 unsplash - Write for UsDo you have any ideas in mind that you want to share online? We are looking for those tech-savvy and aspiring writers who want to share and publish their ideas and opinions online. Are you one of those awesome people that we are looking for?

Web design and development is reaching the height of its popularity. Most of my visitors are looking for some advice, and that is why I am inviting you to write for Design Folio. So, if you are interested to write for Design Folio and you don’t know what to write about, simply follow the tips in my guide below.

1. Choose a topic

The topic that you choose must be related to web design or web development. You can write about the latest trends in the industry, or provide some sound advice for business owners or aspiring designers and developers.

2. Number of words

Your article must contain at least 300-500 words per article and include a striking title aimed to grab readers’ attention.

3. Your sources

Please ensure that your write-ups or articles are original and unique. If you’re going to include some references from other sources make sure that you’re going to send us the details.

4. Submit your article

If you’re done writing your articles you can send it directly to Design Folio. The contact details are available on the contact page. We’ll be glad to receive your completed articles.

Thank you so much for your interest and sending your work. We are looking forward to getting more submissions from you and welcoming you as a contributor at Design Folio.