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The Greenwhich Hotel Penthouse by Tatsuro Miki and Axel Vervoordt

Samantha Saxton-Beer - Friday, October 31, 2014

The TriBeCa Penthouse was created by Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt and Japanese architect Tatsuro Miki, in close collaboration with the hotel's partners Ira Drukier and Robert De Niro. The 6,800 square foot suite was inspired by the TriBeCa neighbourhood's industrial past fused with the ancient Japanese aesthetic of Wabi. The philosophical beliefs or Wabi are beauty found in perfection and authenticity; Artempo - where time beomes art; and poor materials that are rich in spirit. 

Sustainable design is echoed throughout the interior and exterior space. Materials like stone, steel, and reclaimed wood were carefully selected and thoughtfully utilised in every area of the penthouse. The Drawing Room includes a comfortable seating area and features glass doors leading out to the lower terrace gardens. The original copper roof of the building has been repurposed by an upstate New York artisan who handcrafted gourd-shaped light fixtures from this metal. 

"We want to express a TriBeCa character in the most humble way. Because the architecture is so simple, it belongs as much to the past as to the future," comments Vervoordt. 

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Front for Haagen Dazs

Anna Coe - Thursday, October 30, 2014

Creative studio Front have designed a contemporary ice cream cake concept for Haagen-Dazs. Inspired by Scandinavian snow and the northern clouds, it is intended to stand up on the plate and even comes adorned with coloured snowflake sprinkles. 

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Bosco Verticale by Stefano Boeri

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Milan's skyline has been interrupted by a verdant new apartment building by Stefano Boeri. Having recently seen completion after five years of construction, the skyscraper residence, whose name literally translates to 'vertical forest', comprises two landscaped towers with an integrated vegetation of over 1,000 different species of trees, shrubs and plants. The project seeks to counter the negative affect on the environment and biodiversity of the site while under construction. 

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Eclipse clock by Rachel Suming

Anna Coe - Monday, October 27, 2014

Eclipse, a clock by graduate designer Rachel Suming tells the time without the use of hands. Instead, it features three aluminium parts that rotate, creating different configurations and numbers. 

Via Dezeen.

Didier Faustino at Villa Bloc

Anna Coe - Monday, October 27, 2014

Gallery owner and collector Natalie Seroussi invites a new artist to present at the French landmark, Paris' Villa Bloc, each year. Past years have included the likes of Ernesto Neto and Tobias Putrih, and this year Franco-Portuguese architect and artist Didier Faustino was the chosen creative. 

Faustino has responded to the brief with two installations - an outdoor explosive work titled This Is Not A Love Song and interior pieces - Nowhere Somewhere, plus a supporting soundscape titled Trust Me - an eery piece comprised of whispering voices. 

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Son La Restaurant by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Friday, October 24, 2014

Named after the same region in Northern Vietnam, the Son La restaurant in the first hospitality development in the relatively untouched province. As the first facility of a new and nearby hotel complex, the difficulty of getting materials to the site via the precarious cliff roads meant that Vo Trong Nghia Architects opted for local bamboo and stoneworks as the principal materials. Maximising the use of local resources, the open air dining hall lends itself well to both the tropical monsoon season and high humidity in the wet season. 

Via Archdaily.

In-Quarto table by Pawel Grobelny

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Friday, October 24, 2014

Embracing the ability to adapt, Polish creative Pawel Grobelny developed the In-Quarto table. Unveiled at the Biennale Interieur 2014, the interchangeable table has been designed with three different platforms including a natural American walnut and two different types of marble. With an honest aesthetic based on a seamless tube of white aluminum and the removable tabletop, one is able to swap the accented surface in a simple and fast way according to the mood or atmosphere. 

Via Designboom.

Wirra Willa Pavilion by Matthew Woodward Architecture

Samantha Saxton-Beer - Monday, October 20, 2014

Situated within the rolling hills of Somersby in New South Wales, about an hour's drive north of Sydney, this bijou structure is an exclusive private spa and guest house, linked to a larger residence on the same grounds. Designed by Sydney-based practice Matthew Woodward Architecture, the Wirra Willa Pavilion is a small but perfectly formed domestic retreat. 

Part of an 80-acre property, the low glass and metal pavilion is situated remotely within the estate, its location adding to the sense of calm and wellness intended by its use. The pavilion's simple floorplan comprises a bedroom on one end and main lounge and spa area on the other, divided by services and a wet room. The fully transparent spa section weightlessly cantilevers over the adjacent natural spring-fed dam. 

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Photography by Murray Fredericks.

Grand Tour Apartment by UdA Architects

Samantha Saxton-Beer - Tuesday, October 14, 2014
UdA Architetti have completed their latest project - a refurbished 200 square metre apartment in the old part of Bari, Italy, titled 'Grand Tour'. In their signature style, the Turin-based practice has injected this home with a sense of playful whimsy and loads of personality, while maintaining a certain level of restraint and sophistication. Colours, patterns, crochet, knitting and lace references are held together by clean volumes, monolithic shapes and sharp detailing, blending seamlessly together into a cohesive and unique interior. Specific pieces featured include the Container dining table by Moooi available locally from ECC, Candy sofa by Arflex available locally from Studio ItaliaRug by Nanimarquina available locally from UFL Group, and bathroomware by Agape available locally from Matisse. 

Hut on One Corner by Atelier 8000

Madeline Saxton-Beer - Monday, October 13, 2014

Appearing to have fallen from the sky, the Hut on One Corner was designed as a concept lodge as part of an international competition to conceive a residence located in the high Tatra Mountains of Slovakia.With an objective of providing a sustainable dwelling for high terrain adventures all seasons of the year, the novel construction also aims to perform autonomously in terms of energy usage.

The cube, rotated onto one of its corners, produces a visual lightness such as that of a boulder resting among the landscape while the interior prompts a feeling of disorientation from within. The structure's crisp edges and high peak relate to the mountainous surrounding.

Via Designboom.